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Sir David Attenborough Named As The UK's Most Passionate Person

  • More than half (57%) named Sir David Attenborough as the most passionate person in the UK
  • Research found 91% of Britons want to be more passionate, but 46% stand that they simply don't have the time to find or pursue a passion because of work pressures
  • Those who had something they were passionate about tended to feel happier and healthier than those without
  • Alfa Romeo, a brand that's forged a reputation over a 100 years for passionately creating exceptional cars, wants to help inspire Britons to put passion back in their lives with its #FindYourPassion campaign

Sir David Attenborough has been named the UK's most passionate person, according to a survey commissioned by Italian car maker Alfa Romeo, with 57% of those polled nominating the 89 year old broadcaster and naturalist. The research, which looked into people's passions in life, found that JK Rowling was considered to be the second most passionate Briton, whilst there was a dead heat for third between scientist Brian Cox and SNP leader, Nicola Sturgeon.

Alfa Romeo conducted the study as part of a campaign - called #FindYourPassion - designed to reflect its own passionate heritage and to help the British public put passion back into their lives. Sir David was the clear favourite among the males surveys, garnering 60% of the vote, while women also nominated the naturalist to the tune of 53%. Money Saving Expert's Martin Lewis, Chef Mary Berry and actress Joanna Lumley also scored highly.

While some of the Top 20 have a passion that stems from their career, many are also known to be enthusiastic about causes outside of their profession. Joanna Lumley, for example, is famed for her vigorous campaigning on behalf of the Gurkhas, while Prince Harry is well known for his efforts to help the cause of armed forces veterans.

Alfa Romeo's research also examined what passions the British public enjoy. Nine in 10 people (91%), said they already have or would love to embrace a pursuit that ignites their passionate side; but nearly half (46%) claimed that work commitments stop them doing so.

Men chiefly seek passions that make life more interesting, with two in five (41%) stating that as a driver, while females are more likely to find something that relives stress. The vast majority (88%) of those who successfully found an activity they could be passionate about said they felt healthier and happier as a result.

Damien Dally, Country Manager for Alfa Romeo UK, said 'Passion has always been at the center of Alfa Romeo. We live and breathe it every day and it is one of the things that separates Alfa Romeo from other car brands. All of us here feel strongly that life should be lived with passion and we want to help inspire people to find something they are passionate about and pursue it, like we have done for over 100 years'.

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