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Alfa Romeo 4C Spider

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Introducing the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider, the elegant open top alternative to the Alfa Romeo 4C Coupé. With the roof off you’ll experience total freedom, a thrilling drive and the ultimate Seduct on-road sensation.The forms, the lines, the road handling, the racing DNA and the close relationship with the Coupé mean that the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is the perfect fusion of emotion and technology. The 33 Stradale, from which the 4C was designed, is considered to be one of the most beautiful cars of all-time. Renowned for its performance-oriented design philosophy, the 33 Stradale was packed with innovative technologies - including a brand new chassis mounted on a structure that combined magnesium alloys and steel tubes, inspired by aeronautical technology.

"Because the cabin is bare carbonfibre, rather than bare metal, it feels much warmer and cosier than a Lotus" - Autocar Road Test Editor Matt Prior

Autocar Review

"it’s beautiful, somehow special and, crucially, an Alfa" - Car Magazine Editor Ben Miller

Car Magazine Review

The open air feel of the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is the result of a natural "evolutionary development" that originates from the Coupé version. Its creation is based on very specific technological and stylistic choices that best enhance the feeling of freedom without forsaking any of the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider's sporting DNA. The initial concept is the same: the vehicle's technical specifications, performance and style all combine to guarantee the perfect balance between form and mechanics. The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider goes one step further by refining a few of the components and processes. The transformation of the rear endows it with greater strength and muscularity. The redesigned rear engine cover leaves room for a bonnet and is shaped to house the air intakes, beneath which one can sense the presence of the car's beating heart. The elegant and sharp sculpted design enhances the technical features.

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider offers a unique driving experience in terms of both speed and road handling. The soft top is incredibly light, strong and easy to remove, giving great protection even at high speeds.

Getting into an Alfa Romeo 4C Spider envelops you in a sophisticated world of high performance. By eliminating the superfluous, every single element of the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider has purpose. It is the designers’ discipline that gives the driver a genuine sports car experience. The interior of the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider stands out for its carbon fibre body cell, but that’s not all. There’s an instrument panel with TFT technology, a sports steering wheel, aluminium foot rests and pedals and dashboard controls slanted towards the driver. They’re all elements that help to emphasise the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider’s racing heritage. The sports seats (available in standard cloth or optional leather or leather and microfibre) match the expectations of the most discerning driver. The optional leather dashboard with contrasting stitching and carbon fibre air vents are yet another interior enhancing detail.

The creators of the Alfa Romeo 4C have been bold, utilising ultralight, versatile materials such as carbon fibre, aluminium and composites. The result is a sports car with remarkable agility and supercar performance, just as fast as its Coupé stablemate, the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider weighs less than 1,000 kilograms and delivers an excellent weight-to-power ratio. This means that the agility and performance of the Coupé are also achieved by the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider.

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider’s core architecture is the result of a very specific design rationale: rear traction and central engine position for perfect weight balancing; a straight two seater with a pure sports cockpit. Alfa Romeo 4C exploits all the dynamic advantages of rear-wheel drive – better grip in acceleration and faster cornering. All coming together to give the driver the most intense driving experience. The centrally positioned aluminium engine means the car can be lighter because there’s no need for a drive shaft. This optimises weight distribution ensuring the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider has extremely sharp handling.

At the heart of the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider is a 1750cc 240bhp Turbo Benzina (petrol) engine that roars with power. Experiencing this with the open top is like nothing else on earth. 4 cylinders with an aluminium block and structure, a next generation turbocharger, ultra high-pressure direct fuel injection, two continuously variable valve timing units, scavenging technology and double clutch, enable this 1750cc engine to deliver unprecedented sporting performance. The specific torque and power ratings are at the top in its category. Maximum power of 240bhp is reached at 6,000 rpm, confirming the unit’s extraordinary elasticity and dynamism. Pick-up and acceleration are exceptional: the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider accelerates from 0 to 62 mph in just 4.5 seconds and boasts a top speed of over 160 mph. This impressive level of performance has been achieved with minimum impact on the environment. Thanks to multiple injection control and advanced anti-friction and energy loss reduction systems, the emissions of the Alfa Romeo 4C fall well within the strict limits of Euro 6.

The Alfa Romeo 4C Spider’s impressive acceleration is enhanced by a highly developed ALFA TCT 6 speed gearbox with a dry Twin Clutch Transmission system. This gives the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider the instant power of a sequential shift with all the convenience of an automatic. From a conceptual standpoint, the system works as two gearboxes in parallel, each of which with its own clutch so that two gears are always engaged. The higher gear is already engaged when the lower one is released, thus eliminating power gaps. The ALFA TCT gearbox also features an all-new control software that ensures the fastest possible gearshift in all driving conditions. Gearshifts are more aggressive in the sporting performance modes, and drivers can clearly feel the new gear engaging, as on a racing car. Moreover, on bends, gearshifts are completed in the smoothest way possible to maintain stability. Activate the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider’s Launch Control and as soon as the brake is released, the system automatically controls the gearbox, traction and power to maximise acceleration from a standing start. Activate the Launch Control and as soon as the brake is released, the system automatically controls the gearbox, traction and power to maximise acceleration from a standing start.

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